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2023 is the year of the Astro blog!. Well for me anyway as it was time to update my old website and I wanted to try something new. I have used Astro a while back when it first came out and thought it was great as it only ships JS if required and it is super fast to load the site as it is just static HTML.

I relly like how with Astro you can use any framework you want and it is just a matter of adding the right components to the project and then it won’t ship the JS unless you actually need it for website function.

For this site I just used the Astro components and did not make use of React. The Astro components are not too hard to pick up but after a while I reliased that I should have just gone with React Components as I would not need to refer to the docs as much and need to learn the Astro components.

Would I use astro again? I think I would for any other small blog site or if I was creating a static site for a client. I would not use it for a large site as I think it would be too much work to maintain and would then reach for something like NextJS.